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When entertaining guests, out-fashioned crockery and utensils can play party pooper. Time and again, we happen to host relatives and friends at home, and that is when we may need the right kind of tableware, glassware, and drinkware to treat them in style. Not having them in the kitchen is like missing out on something of great importance. However, what makes us overwhelmed is the right choice, which may be due to the lack of insights into different types of glassware available in the market today. They are not one-type-fit-all occasions, so we need to select the right type and style of glassware. In this post, we will be exploring few glassware types for varied purposes and events.

Mixing Bowl

Whether you feel like savoring cookies or relish various mixes of salad vegetables, a mixing bowl is a must-have kitchenware item. These multi-purpose pieces are also instrumental in scrambling eggs for omelets and whipping ingredients for different dishes. Moreover, durable mixing bowls can serve as serving bowls at dining. With the taste buds of sophisticated families changing very frequently, the kitchen menu is including new recipes every occasion.

The wide use of mixing bowls in the kitchens has made manufacturers add extra features like handles, pour spouts, measurement bars, and lids to fit varied applications. Mixing bowls have also witnessed a massive shift in the material used, from metal to plastic, ceramics, and borosilicate glass. Of all, the glass mixing bowls are the most aesthetic ones with durability and style one wants. So, there is no confusion about the material of the mixing bowls now; what is of greater importance is the right size for the best catch. A generously sized mixing bowl can serve multiple purposes, allowing easy mixing and whipping of the ingredients before or during cooking.

A set of eye-catching glass mixing bowls can be a valuable addition to the existing glassware collection. It adds grace to the kitchen space and helps ease cooking profess at the same time. Glass is one of the most in-demand materials for cookware and utensils as it does not leech harmful chemicals into the food. They do not stain or absorb odors either. The best part is that they are microwave-friendly. A few pieces of glass mixing bowls in the kitchen are essential.

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Cups and Mugs

The cup you are holding in hand, whether at home or work, does reflect your style and personality. The modern generation has gone far beyond the traditional ways of enjoying tea or coffee, so they are selective about picking cups and mugs for their home and office. Sipping in style is the latest fad among men and women alike. Whether you start your morning with a cup of ginger tea, cardamom tea, green tea, or coffee, an aesthetic cup or mug can make it delightful. Although they do not add flavor to the beverage, borosilicate glass cups and mugs in hand give the drinker an ultimate drinking experience.

Like mixing bowls, cups and mugs are also a few essentials to have in the kitchen. Not all can fit all occasions; shopping for a few more stylish pieces could be a wise investment to add to your existing collection. Glass cups and mugs are an ideal pick for those looking for a set. They would also enhance the display cabinet space when placed in an organized fashion.

Serving tea or coffee to guests in out-fashioned cups and mugs could be embarrassing. You can’t also always knock at the neighbor’s doors for a cup set to welcome some special guests. Having a different collection for different purposes can make the occasion.

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Glass Lunch Boxes

Since we have started going to schools, lunch boxes were introduced as plastic containers to carry our lunch. Generations have gone using traditional boxes, but modern families seem to have developed a taste for something more appealing and safer. Yes! We are talking about glass lunch boxes, which are in vogue among students and professionals today.

Glass lunch boxes are crafted to be the exception in terms of design and look. Oven and microwave safe, borosilicate glass lunch boxes do not leach unhealthy chemicals into the food. They also feature leak-proof lids, durable bodies, lightweights, and sleek designs. Replacing your conventional steel or plastic lunch box with a borosilicate glass box will be a step closer to healthy eating.

Borosilicate glass lunch boxes can withstand high temperatures, so they are gaining immense popularity among people. Moreover, the air-tight lid ensures leak-proof packaging and retains the freshness and taste of the food as it is. These lunch boxes may feature dual sections to contain dry, semi-wet, and liquid food like rotis, rice, dal, curry, or anything you have on the menu on a particular day. Your glassware collection in the kitchen remains incomplete without glass lunch boxes. You can carry them anywhere, whether at work, school, college, or a day trip.

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